QuickBooks Online Getting Started

Last Updated January 26, 2022

QuickBooks Online is a widely used integration. Especially since it allows you to get going with Orderwerks very quickly.

Prerequisite: Be sure that you have the ‘Shipping’ Line Item option is turned on in QuickBooks Online, otherwise you won’t be able to make Invoices from Orderwerks: Login to QuickBooks Online, click the Gear on the top corner > Your Company > Account and Settings > Sales > Sales form content > Shipping > On > Save

  1. Click
    then Users
  2. Click the Account Designation button – Customers, Resellers, Dealers, Vendors, etc.
  3. Click
  4. While it’s pulling in the Accounts, there will be a progress indicator showing you the progress – total processed vs total number.
  5. Once completed, the page will refresh and you should see your accounts pulled in.

If you encounter any issues, please reach out to support.

The QuickBooks Online Customer to Orderwerks Account Mapping is as follows, when pulling in Customers to Orderwerks:

QuickBooks Online PropertyOrderwerks Property
Display NameName, Ship To Name, Bill To Name,
Primary Email AddressEmail
Company NameShip To Company Name, Bill To Company Name
Ship Address Line OneShip To Address Line One
Ship Address Line TwoShip To Address Line Two
Ship Address CityShip To City
Ship Address Country Sub Division CodeShip To State
Ship Address Postal CodeShip To Postal Code
Primary PhoneShip To Phone, Bill To Phone
FaxShip To Fax, Bill To Fax
Bill Address Line OneBill To Address Line One
Bill Address Line TwoBill To Address Line Two
Bill Address CityBill To City
Bill Address Country Sub Division CodeBill To State
Bill Address Postal CodeBill To Postal Code
Resale NumResale Tax ID


  1. Setup One Price Group for the Catalog to pull the Products into.
  2. Set the Default Price Group for QuickBooks Online.

Once Setup:

  1. Click
    then Catalogs
  2. Check the checkbox next to the Catalog you’d like to pull the items into. (This should be the same as you set the default price group for.)
  3. Click
  4. While it’s pulling in the Catalog Items, there will be a progress indicator showing you the progress – total processed vs total number.
  5. Once completed you can view the Catalog to see the available Catalog Items.

Creating Invoices is an easy process and currently is supported from the Shipments screen.

Prerequisite: The account/customer that you’re creating an invoice for and all of the catalog items must be connected with QuickBooks Online already.

  1. Click
    then Shipments.
  2. Either create a new Shipment Group or locate an existing one.
  3. Click
  4. Enter in a Shipping amount if desired – Adds as a line after Sub-Total.
  5. Click

A new invoice will be generated, the data will refresh and the sidebar will show with the invoice.

From the Sidebar Invoice view, you can Download, Print, Send the Invoice or Mark the Invoice Paid.

*Note: If you turn on the Integration setting to put the Orderwerks Order No. in the Customer Memo field, then you need to be sure that the Custom Transaction Numbers is turned OFF otherwise your Invoices will have a blank Invoice No. This setting is turned on by default within QuickBooks Online.