Branded Login

Last Updated August 3, 2021

The branded login page allows you to quickly and easily setup a customized login page that you can link to and allow users to have a login experience that appears to be more connected with your business.

You can setup a custom subdomain off of the Orderwerks domain as well as customize the colors and upload a logo for use.

then Settings.

Scroll down to Branded Login under General.

Clicking the button will open the sidebar allowing you to first create a custom subdomain. Once this is set, you can begin to customize the actual theme of the branded login page – background colors, text colors and your logo.

Here’s an overview of the different sections in red that are customizable:

There is a mini-preview built into the bottom of the branded login sidebar, so you can quickly review what your changes will look like.

Once your changes are saved you can view your live branded login page updates immediately.