Creating Internal Users

Last Updated March 31, 2023

Internal users are users that are classified as either Admins, Managers, Sales Users or Support user roles.

Creating these users is simple and straightforward.

From the Users section in the Menu:

Once in the users section, there are a few areas to be aware of:

1 – This is the total users you have currently purchased as licenses. If you need to adjust this, please reach out to support.

2 – If you have licenses available to create users, this button you can click to enter in a new users details.

3 – If you are looking to bulk import users, you can upload a CSV file with the following columns: email, user_type, access_type, commission_rate

4 – Click the pencil icon to edit an existing users details / setup. If you have the Rep Groups feature turned on, this person icon will display. If the user is setup as a Sales Rep, the icon will be green.

5 – Overall display of the User – User Type, Access (Full or Restricted), Catalog Lock, Price Group Lock.

6 – The options available to the user if they’re a particular user type. Note: Full users can access and view all accounts orders and details. Restricted users can only view specific ones that have been assigned to them. Rep Group users MUST be assigned to a Rep Group to view the accounts associated with a Rep Group.