Catalog Operations

Last Updated January 23, 2021

There are a number of catalog operations that can be performed on a Catalog:

Enable the Catalog Action buttons by selecting one of the catalogs with the checkbox:

Actions Overview

  1. Duplicate – Copy the entire catalog, catalog items, price groups and categories to a new catalog. All attachments will reference the original catalogs attachments – photos, specs, etc.

Download CSV Overview

  1. Price List – Download the existing set of catalogs items with all pricing for the price groups:
  1. Inventory – Download the current inventory levels, and adjust just inventory level and options for each of the catalog items.
  1. Price Groups – A list of all existing Price Groups. Note: You can add additional Price Groups with this CSV file.
  1. Categories – A list of all existing Categories. Note: You can add additional Categories with this CSV File.

Note: To properly setup the Categories, you must build them sequentially. For example:

Consider this hierarchy: ToolsMetricWrench

The Root Category must come before all of the child categories, as seen in Row 2.

Before any child categories can be added, the parent category must be on its own row, as seen in Row 3, and Row 5.

This standard is applicable for any remaining levels.

You can have up to 4 Levels of Categories.

  1. Item Template – This is the master catalog item list. It includes almost every single configurable item option. This file can be used to make updates or create new items.