Order Workflow Configuration

Last Updated April 7, 2021

Manage your business order workflow with a simple drag and drop component that will allow you to setup the different actions and options that would occur as an order moves along to completion.

  1. Click
    then Settings.
  2. Click ‘Orders’ at the top and scroll down to ‘Order Workflow’. You can also do a Find for ‘Order Workflow’.

Click ‘Manage Workflow’ to expand the editable options for the workflow.

Drag and Drop and Setup Options

The ‘Available Options’ has many different workflow options to choose from. If an additional option is needed, feel free to contact us and we can add one for your business.

Each steps configuration needs to be thought of as either moving INTO the step or AT the step. These are further defined below.

Definitions / Terminology

Important Note: When using the word ‘Account’ below, substitute it with ‘Dealer’, ‘Reseller’, ‘Customer’ or the account terminology you have configured in Orderwerks.

AT’ the Step Actions:

  • Is Account Step – Only allow an account user to advance the step.
  • Is Admin Only Step – Only admin users can advance the step.
  • Is Account Read Only – The current step is read only for Account Users. This will also make all following steps read only as well.
  • Is Supplier Read Only – The current step is read only for Supplier (internal) users. This will also make all the following steps read only as well.
  • Is Supplier Admin Read Only – The current step is read only for Supplier (internal) admin users. This will also make all the following steps read only as well.

Pro-Tip: There is a ‘hack’ of sorts however if you need to have specific steps read only and others editable – such as Submitted Read Only, but Completed as editable. Just mark the ‘Read Only’ checkbox(es) moving from right to left in your order workflow sequence, rather than left to right. Please contact support if you need assistance.

‘INTO’ the Step Actions:

  • Alert Account – This will display a banner at login for any of the account users calling out the Order with a link to view it. Helpful when there are intermediate steps requiring Account Users to take Action.
  • Send Email – Enables setting which particular users/groups get email correspondence.
  • Email Internal – Send an email to all emails associated with the master business record for the ‘Supplier’ company. (As an Admin Supplier User, editable in Business -> Profile)
  • Email User – Send an email to the user who created the order.
  • Email Account – Email the account for whom the Order is for.
  • Email Rep Group – (Rep Groups must be turned on). Email the rep group for whom is associated with the Account.
  • Email PDF Packing List – Email a PDF Packing list with the Order email.
  • Addl. Emails – Specify any additional email addresses that should receive an email.

Validate Workflow Steps

Once you configuration is setup, there is a helpful tool below the option selections to validate your workflow steps:

Clicking the Progress button will walk you through the steps as if you were making or processing an order.

Once all configurations are setup, don’t forget to click the save button at the very top of the screen.