Last Updated August 7, 2020

Managing and handling users and your accounts is critical to the function of your business. We’re going to describe the details in the different sections below.


These are your company users. They serve the purpose of being able to manage or place orders, view shipments and more. You can assign different access levels, manage the accounts they have visibility with as well as a number of configuration options for their accounts. Should a user no longer be allowed to have access, you can revoke the user permissions, but all historical data still stays intact.

Accounts / Customers / etc.

Depending on the business account name designation that you select will determine the title of this section. Here you can manage a number of customer account options. Contacts, Bill To and Ship To, Multiple Shipping Addresses, Price Group Mappings and more.

Orderwerks makes it possible to set the name terminology for accounts to a variety of options, the default is Vendor. However this can be changed to Dealer, Retailer, Customer and more.

Changing Account Terminology

Customer User Accounts

You can manage one or more user accounts that can login and view or place orders on behalf of their assigned customer account. Shipments that have been created for them can also be viewed. Only customer admin users can edit their business profile such as bill to and ship to.