Last Updated January 30, 2023

Shipments in Orderwerks have a specific process to help you create shipments when required.

An order can be marked as being a shipment, delivery or pickup. From this a user managing an order can select the appropriate button when creating, what we call, a Shipment Group.

A Shipment Group is a group of shipments (if applicable).

Inside of a Shipment Group you have the ability to add a shipment if the Shipment Group allows shipments. You won’t have this option if the order is for local pickup or local delivery.

A local delivery shipment group allows you to capture the signature on delivery:

A local pickup shipment group allows you to capture signature on pickup as well:

If you have Orderwerks connected with ShipStation, you can have the Shipment Group created to be connected with ShipStation:

This allows you to add shipments that are from your connected carriers as necessary and when needed. You will get real prices, tracking and a label when you create the shipment.

The labels can be printed to your thermal printer either one at a time or in bulk.