Last Updated August 18, 2020

NOTE: The process for utilizing lots requires using our Pick-Pack Module, as then you actually end up saving Lots to the Packing List for the Orders that are sent out.

Lots allow a business to track inventory to groups of manufactured goods. This is often important when working with things that are dyed with colors or for food or drug products. Orderwerks also allows you to enter in the expiration date of your Lots as well as the ability to sub-lot Lots.

  1. Click
    then Settings under Business.
  2. Click Inventory
  3. Locate the Has Lots and Click to Toggle On the setting.
  4. Scroll back to the top of the page, and Click
  5. Once Saved, Lots will appear underneath Inventory.

NOTE: You can also enable Expiration Dates for your Lots underneath the Has Lots setting.

  1. Click
    then Lots
  2. You can manage lots as follows:
    • Add Lots: Click
    • Edit Lots: Click the for the row you want to edit.
    • Delete Lots: Click the for the row you want to delete.
Using Lots

To actually use the lots you must use the Pick-Pack Module. Please read the Pick-Pack Module learning documentation to get started.