eCommerce Mode

Last Updated May 13, 2022

While more volume based accounts can benefit from Orderwerks Classic, there is a segment of customers that may not order much or are more visual orderers that require a different approach, more similar to a traditional eCommerce shopping cart.

With this mode you can enable an account and all of their users to utilize a streamlined approach to placing orders, viewing existing orders and more.

To get started, your accounts require 3 prerequisites in order to use this mode:

  1. Enable their account for “eCommerce View”. This is done in their account profile by selecting the ‘Is eCommerce User’ and saving the selection.
  1. The customer account must be assigned a single catalog and price group. This can be done in their account profile or with the Bulk CSV.
  2. You must have a Stripe account, and set the API Keys under Business Integrations.

Once the three of those are in place, then anytime an account user logs into Orderwerks, they will only have the option to flow through the eCommerce style ordering experience.