Account Address Management

Last Updated August 11, 2020

Quickly and Easily Assign Multiple Addresses to the same customer accounts.

  1. First click
    then Users
  2. Then Click the Accounts Button (Customer, Dealer, Retailer, etc.) that’s located under the “ Users” title

NOTE: The table in this section is WIDER than your screen, and can scroll. Depending on your system, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to scroll the table. Otherwise you can un-check columns being visible with

  1. Click

Once you’re in this view, you are able to manage all of the addresses assigned to this particular account, to be able to both quickly access them in an Order as well as assign particular addresses to specific Catalog / Price Group selections or to set one as the Default Ship To address.

To Create A New Address

Click the

To Edit An Existing Address

Click the in the address row.

To Delete An Existing Address

Click the in the address row.

Assign Address As A Default (Catalog/Price Group or for Account)

You have the ability in the Create/Update sidebar to set an address to be either the Default Ship To for the Account, as well as set it as the Default Ship To for a particular Catalog and/or Price Group selection.

An account has a Default Ship To set AND a Catalog / Price Group Address Default: When an order is created and uses a “Catalog / Price Group” with an assigned address, that “Catalog / Price Group” default address is what will be assigned to the Order. Otherwise, the accounts “Default Ship To” is used.

Utilizing Account Addresses

  1. From an Order Entry view, in the ‘Details’ section at the top, Click Edit
  2. Click
  3. This opens the Address Sidebar and will retrieve all of the Accounts Addresses that are stored whom the Order is for.
  4. Locate the address you’d like to use and click
  5. This will populate the address block with the address details you selected.
  6. Click Save to save the changes.