Last Updated September 17, 2020
Built-In Themes

Orderwerks comes ready with two pre-configured theme options – Dark Mode and Light Mode. Easily toggle between them by clicking the Top Nav Bar icon to the left of Help:

This easy to use switcher allows you to use Orderwerks with the color layout that is most comfortable for you. Even better, this can be customized by a company Admin to fit your business color schema.

Customizing the Theme Options
  1. Click
    then Settings
  2. Under General, find Default Theme.
  3. Select the Default theme from the Select/Option that you want users to experience when logging into Orderwerks. (They can change this to their preferred theme)
    1. Click the ‘Custom Dark’ checkbox and click to begin customizing the dark theme
    2. Click ‘Custom Light’ checkbox and click to begin customizing the light theme.
  4. When you make changes, you have 13 different color options to customize the interface with details about what each one does on the right side.
  5. Upon clicking the theme changes are immediate.

Theme Customization Option Overview

Theme Color Selector Widget