Last Updated September 9, 2020
Enable Backorders
  1. Click
    then Settings
  2. Click Orders
  3. Find ‘Has Backorders’
  4. Toggle on and Go to the top and click .
Creating Backorders

From an Order that isn’t in Preliminary, that you want to create a backorder in, click

This will toggle on the Backorder creation view.

Select the Checkbox for a row that you want to add to the backorder. Type the Backorder quantity into the input field. Repeat this for each line item that you want to add to the backorder.

Click to create the backorder and go directly to the new backorder.

Things to know
  1. All Backorders will link back to the Parent Order.
  2. Backorders created are sequential (-BO-1, -BO-2, etc.). If your order is ABC-10000, then a Backorder will be created and called ABC-10000-BO-1
  3. There is a ‘tag’ added to each backorder that’s visible from both the Orders and Order Entry screen.
  4. Backorders follow the same order step process as a typical order.