Shopify Getting Started

Last Updated July 28, 2021

The Shopify integration allows you to easily connect your catalog with Shopify and have an up-to-date inventory levels across both Orderwerks and Shopify. The current integration is limited to a single Shopify storefront and a single Shopify inventory location. Multi-Locations are coming soon and will be integrated in the existing Orderwerks Warehouse module.


then Settings.

Enter in your Shopify storefront name, ie: if your url is then the storefront name is myshop and click .

Authorize the connection with Orderwerks to continue.

Select the Default Catalog and Price Group for the Shopify Integration.

Available options

From the Catalogs Screen, you need to select the catalog that you setup in the Integration to enable the Shopify buttons:

Sync Catalog Items – The applicable products from Shopify which will connect to existing items, update existing or create new ones if not found.

Push Inventory – Push the current inventory levels in Orderwerks into Shopify. Overriding any values set in there.

Inventory Updates

Orderwerks into Shopify

Inventory updates will automatically be adjusted from Orderwerks into Shopify when the following scenarios occur:

  1. An order is created and submitted past Preliminary. The order quantities are deducted from Shopify. Note: If you move an order BACK to preliminary and then submit again, this will result in the inventory deducting in Shopify again.
  2. Inventory is adjusted in the Inventory screen:

Upon save, the increment or decremented amount will be automatically adjusted also in Shopify.

Shopify to Orderwerks

Inventory will automatically be adjusted from Shopify into Orderwerks when the following scenarios occur:

  1. Pull Orders into Orderwerks from Shopify. The inventory levels in Orderwerks will adjust for the Shopify Orders pulled in.
  2. Catalogs Screen – Sync Catalog Items (Only when a new item is created from Shopify).