QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise Getting Started

Last Updated December 28, 2020

Orderwerks utilizes the Web Connector to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise. Setting this up properly is the first step in getting the integration in place.

  1. Click
    then Integrations.
  2. Toggle on QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Follow Steps 1 – 4.
  4. Click
  5. With QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise open:
    1. Go to File Update Web Services.
    2. The Web Connector will open, then click File Add An Application.
    3. Locate the Generated Web Connector Config from Step 4 above, and Click ‘Open’.
    4. Accept the Security Alert, and we highly suggest allowing the Web Connector ‘Yes, allow Access to QuickBooks, even when not running.’
    5. You may or may not need to select a user, depending on your setup.
    6. Be sure to enter in the Same password as you had entered in Step 2.
    7. Continue configuring how often you’d like it to run (if desired), otherwise you can just manually run it whenever you prefer.
    8. To perform a manual run: Click the checkbox next to the row that you want to run and then Click ‘Update Selected’.
    9. If all goes well, the sync will complete and the data will be exchanged.

Customer Accounts

The account mapper allows you to manually search against your pulled in QuickBooks Customer Data and map it to the accounts setup in Orderwerks.

If any accounts are already mapped (whether automatically or manually) those previous selections will be shown here.

Note: The available accounts visible in the mapper are the same as the ones shown on the account screen. So if you have only 10 accounts visible, but have overall 50 accounts, you would either page through each group of 10, search for a specific account, or increase the number shown to see more or specific accounts to map to.

The account sync will work once you have made a data pull from QuickBooks Desktop that includes your Customer accounts.

This will attempt to find any accounts that exist in Orderwerks based on the QuickBooks ID. This currently only will create accounts, not update accounts data. If the account isn’t found by the QuickBooks ID, then the account will be created.

Note: If you already have accounts setup in Orderwerks you would likely want to use the mapper first in order to connect Orderwerks with their specific QuickBooks Desktop Entries. This will avoid having duplicate entries.

Push accounts will setup for the next QuickBooks Web Connector run to find any accounts in Orderwerks that aren’t already mapped to a corresponding QuickBooks Desktop Customer, and attempt to make them in QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: This works well for loading up your QuickBooks Desktop if its a new company file, or for creating new Accounts or Account updates to customers in QuickBooks Desktop

If you require assistance with QuickBooks Desktop, please reach out to support.

Catalog Items

There are currently 3 different options when you want to setup the connection between Orderwerks Catalog Items and QuickBooks Desktop Products:

1. Items Map

Review the current screens catalog items on the left, with the ability to search against the QuickBooks Desktop products on the right.

2. Connect Items

Orderwerks will attempt to match the Orderwerks Catalog Items with the QuickBooks Desktop Products, using the SKU and Manufacturer Part Number, respectively.

3. Items Push

Orderwerks will attempt to update all currently connected Catalog Items into QuickBooks Desktop or Create any Catalog Items as new Products in QuickBooks Desktop, if they’re not connected.

The fields that will be updated in QuickBooks Desktop are as follows:

  • Name
  • Active
  • Manufacturer Part Number (SKU)
  • Sales Description (Description)
  • Sales Price (MSRP) (if exists)
  • Purchase Cost (Cost Per UOM) (if exists)
  • Income Account (if exists)
  • COGS Account (if exists)
  • Asset Account (if exists)