Configure QuickBooks Online

Last Updated August 10, 2020

Once you’ve connected Orderwerks with your QuickBooks Online account, you’ll need to configure a few settings.

Each of these can be configured from the Integrations page.

  1. Default Catalog Item Income Account
    • Used when creating new Catalog Items.
  2. Default Sales Terms
    • Used when creating new Customers/Accounts.
  3. PO # Custom Invoice Field
    • If you want to pull in or populate a PO Field in QuickBooks Online, select the Custom Field you have setup.
  4. Sales Rep Custom Field (If Rep Groups Turned On)
    • If you want to pull in and track Sales Reps inside of Orderwerks that you populate in a Custom Field.
  5. Default Price Group
    • Used when pulling in Catalog Items, will set the price from QuickBooks Online to this Price Group for the Orderwerks Catalog Item. Will also use this to populate a Price change into QuickBooks Online.