QuickBooks Online Pull Customers

Last Updated June 7, 2021
  1. Click
    then Users
  2. Click the Account Designation button – Customers, Resellers, Dealers, Vendors, etc.
  3. Click
  4. While it’s pulling in the Accounts, there will be a progress indicator showing you the progress – total processed vs total number.
  5. Once completed, the page will refresh and you should see your accounts pulled in.

If you encounter any issues, please reach out to support.

The QuickBooks Online Customer to Orderwerks Account Mapping is as follows, when pulling in Customers to Orderwerks:

QuickBooks Online PropertyOrderwerks Property
Display NameName, Ship To Name, Bill To Name,
Primary Email AddressEmail
Company NameShip To Company Name, Bill To Company Name
Ship Address Line OneShip To Address Line One
Ship Address Line TwoShip To Address Line Two
Ship Address CityShip To City
Ship Address Country Sub Division CodeShip To State
Ship Address Postal CodeShip To Postal Code
Primary PhoneShip To Phone, Bill To Phone
FaxShip To Fax, Bill To Fax
Bill Address Line OneBill To Address Line One
Bill Address Line TwoBill To Address Line Two
Bill Address CityBill To City
Bill Address Country Sub Division CodeBill To State
Bill Address Postal CodeBill To Postal Code
Resale NumResale Tax ID