QuickBooks Desktop Setup the Web Connector

Last Updated August 11, 2020
  1. Click
    then Integrations.
  2. Toggle on QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Follow Steps 1 – 4.
  4. Click
  5. With QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise open:
    1. Go to File Update Web Services.
    2. The Web Connector will open, then click File Add An Application.
    3. Locate the Generated Web Connector Config from Step 4 above, and Click ‘Open’.
    4. Accept the Security Alert, and we highly suggest allowing the Web Connector ‘Yes, allow Access to QuickBooks, even when not running.’
    5. You may or may not need to select a user, depending on your setup.
    6. Be sure to enter in the Same password as you had entered in Step 2.
    7. Continue configuring how often you’d like it to run (if desired), otherwise you can just manually run it whenever you prefer.
    8. To perform a manual run: Click the checkbox next to the row that you want to run and then Click ‘Update Selected’.
    9. If all goes well, the sync will complete and the data will be exchanged.