Emails Sent

Last Updated September 16, 2020

We offer as much customization around emails that are sent out from Orderwerks. Because a single order can generate a LOT of emails, you have a number of options.

Always Sent:

The email that’s setup for the Company offering Orderwerks to its users / customers. You will always get an email, regardless of which of the two options below are configured.

Scenario 1 – Default Order Workflow Steps:

  • The User who created the Order.
  • If the “Send Account Emails” setting is turned on, then the Account for whom the Order is for.

Scenario 2 – Custom Order Workflow Steps:

  • Any email addresses defined at that order step.
  • If you select for the User who created the order to be emailed.
  • If you select for the Account whom the order is for to be emailed.

You can configure the Order Workflow Steps in Business Settings under Orders.